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A Passion

The year was 1973 and Spain was plunged into a new era, overflowing with changes. At that time, Miss Pepa started to take shape in a small workshop in Madrid. With hard work and creative passion, the first Prêt-à-porter collection was designed and produced. The first store in Madrid was located opposite the Teatro Real in the popular district known as Opera. It witnessed the successful sale of all its garments, which encouraged its creators to continue. In the 80s, new business prospects were the driving force behing the creation of a larger industry. With effervescent enthusiasm, Miss Pepa's creations were offered to department stores and other shops both in Spain, much of Europe.

An Ambition

Today, our young team aims to provide a continuity of collections that meet the needs of the modern, active woman, helping her to renew her wardrobe without stepping outside the house. Our ambition is to combine a subtle mixture of plain and printed fabrics, giving attention to the minute details to heighten and enhance every woman's femininity. Yesterday and today, the stylish appeal of the varying collections by Miss Pepa, is captured in different syles expressed in a choice of the finest fabrics. Our main aim is to strengthen the bonds between our clients and our company.

Our motto is: "FASHION IN YOUR SIZE"

Our clothes are designed for every woman who seeks a young and fashionable syle, that's affordable and offers a wide range of choice. Furthermore, we firmly believe that every woman is unique, and should be able to be comfortable with herself and feel beautiful and attractive. So we never limit our creations to a reduced selection of sizes - often too far from the real world - but rather we range from sizes T36 to T50